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Computer Equipment
Destruction Process

When a computer or other electronic equipment is ready for de-commissioning, the following steps are taken to make sure the items are handled correctly. 

  1. Computers are removed from production and moved to a secure IT storage at the customer's site.

  2. Hard Drive / Memory Cards are removed from Computer/Device, a label is applied with tracking tag, and the item is stored in Secure storage at the customer's site.

  3. List of Hardware (PC/Peripherals) is sent to the Commissioners’ Court for approval to dispose of the items.

  4. Once approved, the hardware is sent to an authorized “Dell Reconnect” (Recycling) facility in Abilene, Texas where it is stripped of the different parts and sorted to be recycled.

  5. Hard Drive / Memory cards are kept for no less than 90 days, and sometimes up to 1 year depending on the device and use. The Hard Drive / Memory Card is secured and stored onsite at the customer's site

  6. When drives are sent to be destroyed, a Ticket is opened that documents the destruction process until the item is fully destroyed.

  7. Drives are degaussed using a Proton T-1 (GSA ISO 9001:2008) and then destroyed by using a Proton (PDS-100).

  8. Pieces of drives are recycled or then disposed of completely.

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