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Founded - 1877

Region - West Central Texas

Customer Since - 2005

Population • 13,544


Goldsmith Solutions has successfully implemented numerous projects for Callahan County over the past 14+ years.  Goldsmith Solutions provides daily support for more than 50 employees, 2 remote offices, 1 tower site, and the county's main Courthouse Complex which includes a Courthouse, Annex, & Jail.  In 2005 Goldsmith Solutions designed and implement a new voice & data network for Callahan County that improved county services while saving the county and tax payer over $100,000 during its effective life span of 10 years.

Our Favorite Things in Callahan County

Texas & Pacific Depot

Robertson's Hams

Throckmorton County Courthouse

Goldsmith Solutions was at the core of bring Throckmorton County up-to-date to meet the mandate by the Office of Court Administration for eFile Texas.  Goldsmith Solutions also designed the county's new data network while simultaneously moving the county to VoIP when moving back into their newly restored 1890 Throckmorton County Courthouse.

Founded - 1879

Region - West Central Texas

Customer Since - 2015

Population • 1,641

Our Favorite Things in Throckmorton County

Country Cafe

Stonwall County Courthuse

Founded - 1888

Region - West Central Texas

Customer Since - 2015

Population • 1,490


Goldsmith Solutions worked with Stonewall County to bring the county into Compliance with the current CJIS Security Standards for Law Enforcement.  Moving to a single centralized network for the entire county was at the core of the philosophy behind how to reduce the county’s monthly telecom costs, while simultaneously securing their network.  Due to the age of the Jail facility, which includes the Sheriff’s Office & Dispatch operations, Goldsmith Solutions determined a complete replacement of the Electrical system was needed.  Working alongside our preferred electrical contractor we were able to significantly improve the facilities electrical infrastructure while bringing the IT systems into compliance and ensuring reliability.  Upon completion of the project, Stonewall County was found compliant and given a clean audit by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Our Favorite Things in Stonewall County

Double Mountain Chronicle

Santa Rosa Communications


Founded - 1886

Region - West Central Texas

Customer Since - 2019

Population • 3,974


When Fisher County's Law Enforcement Network was hit by ransomeware they contacted their normal local IT support company, when results weren't satisfactory they reached out to another company who they had experience with.  After a week passed with no satisfactory answers or results, Fisher County turned to Goldsmith Solutions.  Goldsmith Solutions responded and had someone onsite within the hour of the initial call, and within 30 minutes of being onsite had provided more insight and action items of next steps than the other two previous companies combine.  Without any formal discussions of a contract or services Goldsmith Solutions worked with Fisher County to isolate the issue, notified the proper state of Texas entities and worked with the Sheriff & County Judge to bring in the necessary resources to address the issue preventing any additional damage.

After going through the necessary legal processes Fisher County officially awarded Goldsmith Solutions the support contract for all County IT services.

Our Favorite Things in Fisher County

Lupita's Restaurante

Big Earl's BBQ

Double Mountain Chronicle


Founded - 1874

Region - West Central Texas

Customer - 2014 - 2020

Population • 3,378


Goldsmith Solutions built Shackelford County's IT infrastructure from the ground up in 2014.  Working with the county it was determined that space was at a premium in the historic 19th-century Courthouse.  Goldsmith Solutions designed then implemented a new network that took advantage of the county's new Law Enforcement Center to act as the county's IT hub and house all mission-critical equipment.  During the time Goldsmith Solutions worked with the county, the network up-time has exceed 99.999% an industry-standard that fortune 500 companies strive to achieve.

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